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Luxurious New Luminaires and Lighting Controls
Finding new ways to add touches of luxury into homes and hospitality venues is certainly a fun post-pandemic trend to participate in. In addition to rich fabrics and elegant furnishings, luminaires and lighting controls are launching into the market that have been designed to offer a splash of extravagance, along with beautiful light. This issue of Architectural SSL Online profiles a few of the products that look and feel like an indulgence—from a lighting control machined from solid brass and finished by hand to a blown-glass luminaire crafted by Gabriel Scott to illuminate Cartier's flagship boutiques around the world.

Jeanie Fitzgerald-Pitts, Managing Editor

Wall Control or Work of Art?

The new Alisse wall control has a faceplate that more closely resembles a piece of art than a keypad. Machined from solid brass and finished by hand, every Alisse faceplate is unique and distinctive...


Smoke & Brass

The Nebula is a contemporary cloud-like chandelier with an antique brass iron frame. Its design is unrivaled, crafted with a smoke-luster finish. Cutout discs create its unique cloud shape and allow for each of the eight lights to shine...


Blown-Glass Glamour

Inspired by jewelry design, the Harlow Small Chandelier brings chic glamour to blown-glass lighting. Each gem of the chandelier is set in a metallic setting and has prong-inspired hardware. Harlow emits a beautiful soft light...


Pharos Architectural Controls

Simple and Secure Remote Lighting Control with Pharos Cloud

Award-winning Pharos Cloud makes secure remote management of your projects easy. With no additional skills or costly hardware required, it's a cost-effective solution for your project. Pharos controllers connect to the Internet securely using industry-standard encryption. With our new Portals feature, you can now control multiple Sites from a unified Control Panel and Schedule, add company branding to each Site, and more.


Griplock Systems

Cut the Cord with Powered Suspension

Imagine a world where a power cord didn't distract from the beauty of a light fixture. That world is possible with Rincon from Griplock Systems. More and more lighting manufacturers are engineering their fixtures to use Rincon. Visit the Griplock Systems website to check out the UL Recognized Rincon Powered Suspension System.

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