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Distributing Light Just Right
When fixtures first started incorporating the LED point source, it was a bit messy. Point sources emit light quite differently than the omnidirectional lamps (incandescent, fluorescent, etc.) they replaced. Some fixture manufacturers seemed to simply swap one light source for the other. The result, in many cases, was underwhelming—when not downright maddening. The luminaires were more efficient, but their distribution was problematic—hot spots, shadows, striations, and more. These days manufacturers are much savvier in their application of LEDs. They are much more purposeful in where the point sources are aimed, which creates energy-efficient luminaires that place light precisely where it is needed for both form and function. This issue of SSL Online shares a few gorgeous luminaires that distribute the light just right.

Jeanie Fitzgerald-Pitts, Managing Editor

Another BIG Idea

Collaborating once again, Louis Poulsen and BIG Ideas present a new lamp series, the Keglen. Four distinctive pendants deliver their own diffusion of light using a curved glass insert, which is built into and adapted to each version of the shade...


A Work of Art

Recognized with a 2021 Lighting Design Award for its unique design interpretation of the naturally glowing Tomopteris deep sea creature, the Opteris chandelier stands alone as its own original sculpture...


Create Your Own Luminaire

With Edison Price Lighting's Infinity, designers can piece together their own lighting systems in any combination of linear, curved or twisted models—at any length or degree—to form shapes like interlocking loops...


Grip Lock Systems - Rincon

Cut the Cord with Powered Suspension

Imagine a world where a power cord didn't distract from the beauty of a light fixture. That world is possible with Rincon from Griplock Systems. More and more lighting manufacturers are engineering their fixtures to use Rincon. Visit the Griplock Systems website to check out the UL Recognized Rincon Powered Suspension System.


Pharos Architectural Controls

Individual Zone or Large Façade Control

Are you looking for individual fixture and zone control or for video playback over a large façade? The Pharos LPC and VLC product families get chosen for use on many different projects all over the world and are ideal for these applications. To understand the difference between the two, and just where it's appropriate to use an LPC, or when it might be best to select a VLC, watch our short explainer video.

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