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A Few Sculptural Luminaires
Light can be art. Light is art, in fact. At this moment, there are exhibits of light art installations on display all around the world. Luminaires can also be art. Sculptural luminaires serve as both a source of illumination and a focal point in any type of room—and the incorporation of statement-making luminaires is trending in both commercial and residential projects. Architects are choosing these pieces to adorn atriums, commercial lobbies, conference rooms, private offices, retail stores, schools, residences, any type of interior—adding beauty and illumination. Perusing the latest in sculptural luminaires is both fun and inspiring and this issue of SSL Online is dedicated to a few pieces that may also capture your imagination.

Floating Work of Art

Modern Forms’ Konstrukt, a sculpture of side-lit interlocking panels, renders a thought-provoking aesthetic. Subtle, ambient illumination draws attention to this floating work of modern art. Interlocking panels forged seamlessly together at variant angles create a one-of-a-kind look...



A decorative disc formed from artisanal casted glass, the luminaire features integrated connectors that allow individual heads to be connected vertically, providing the opportunity to create large impactful installations as well as smaller clusters...



SLOT 1 is a linear lighting solution that delivers outstanding quality of light, exceptional visual comfort, simplified installation and easier emergency planning compared to other linear lighting solutions—all at a 1.5-in. aperture. It allows specifiers to create linear lines of light across ceilings, surfaces and walls...


Axis Lighting

Flex Your Creative Muscles

Axis Lighting redefines layers of light with StencilFlex, a cost-effective framework for limitless lighting design. StencilFlex is a building and room scale lighting system providing design freedom. The energy efficient system features a sleek, versatile framework based on the Stencil form factor and uses innovative Integral Modular Wiring (IMW), and Nomadic and Empower technologies to connect lighting inserts wherever needed for maximize design flexibility. By thinking outside the fixture, Axis has engineered something that might just change everything about adaptable lighting.



Reshaping the Way Designers Configure Lighting

A-Light’s Relay is a direct/indirect pendant system with 90° and 120° angles, enabling designers to configure diverse geometric patterns with a seamlessly lit shape. Relay’s direct lighting is lens-free, offering reduced glare continuous illumination throughout the fixture, including corners. For indirect distributions, high-performance TIR optics provide controlled and efficient light. Colorful acoustic felt panels may be added to the fixture to complement or accentuate an aesthetic, while absorbing ambient sound in a space.


Landscape Forms


An illuminated beacon. Typology stick lights break from lighting tradition such that the pole itself is one solid source of light. These vertical columns of warm white light stake claim to the site, accompanying the ribbon bench across its diverse configurations, and creating prominent visual landmarks that draw people in to the site. Arranged side-by-side, stick lights can divide spaces, punctuate spaces or create virtual rooms of light. Designed by Designworks, a BMW Group Company.


Griplock Systems

Cut the Cord with Powered Suspension

Imagine a world where a power cord didn't distract from the beauty of a light fixture. That world is possible with Rincon from Griplock Systems. More and more lighting manufacturers are engineering their fixtures to use Rincon. Visit Griplock Systems at Lightfair booth 1257 to check out the UL Recognized Rincon Powered Suspension System.

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