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It’s Great! What Is It?
From an innovation standpoint, the last twenty years have been a whirlwind in the lighting industry. LED gained momentum and quickly overtook the market as the premier lighting source. This advanced lighting technology ushered in new capabilities like white tuning, where one light source can produce several color temperatures of white light and provide an experience that more closely mimics the natural transitions of daylight over the course of a day, which was shown to have health benefits. In parallel, a new non-visual photoreceptor was discovered in the eye, meaning that light delivers more types of stimuli to our bodies than just aiding vision. It helps to entrain our circadian system, which offers a myriad of benefits as well. As new technology pushes the boundary of what’s possible, the industry is faced with a new challenge—what to call it. For example, lighting systems that deliver a health benefit are currently referred to as circadian and human-centric lighting, among other things, and as more architects and designers gain experience creating these health-enhancing interiors, the terms will continue to evolve. But, one thing is for sure, whatever you call it, it’s exciting.

Here are a few projects that feature lighting systems designed to deliver health and wellness to the interior.

Wellness Painted with Light

As the pandemic forced people indoors, homes quickly morphed into makeshift gyms, offices, classrooms, and so much more. Such was the case with a newly redesigned residence in the Hamptons, where the owners wished to ensure their utmost health and wellness...


A ‘Living Lab’ to the Future

As a smart office solution showcase, Norwegian IT systems integrator Atea, wanted its new building to be able to demonstrate to their customers what they could do with a converged infrastructure and its various “plays.”...


Concentration at the Push of a Button

Lights on, curiosity, go! At the Herstedlund School in Denmark, “active light” accompanies teachers and students throughout the day. Its users say it promotes concentration, increases efficiency and boosts relaxation, creating moods that complement the desired situation...


ANP Lighting

Architectural Site Lighting

Since 1985, ANP Lighting has been skillfully integrating design aesthetics, engineering excellence and advanced technology to manufacture an extensive line of architectural site lighting. We design and manufacture lighting fixtures for a broad array of markets and high profile projects such as urban centers, historic neighborhood renovations, sporting venues, roadways and parking facilities, streetscapes and landscapes, shopping centers, hotels, universities, and more.


Pharos Controls

Cost-effective Ethernet-distributed DMX ports for large control projects

The Pharos EDN provides Ethernet-distributed DMX ports for large Pharos control projects. Extremely compact with up to 20 DMX512 output ports in a 1U 19” form factor. With the SDI accessory, this enables any controller in the Pharos Designer range to output via the EDN + SDI a variety of serial protocols for controlling products such as addressable LED tape, supporting both synchronous (SPI) and asynchronous serial lighting data.

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