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Sometimes, We Need Rose-Colored Glasses
Spectacle. I think it's safe to say we love it—at least I do. 2020, and to date, 2021, have been tough; there's no getting around it. While restrictions are lightening regarding our COVID confinement, still, that spectacle we all so much desire, be it a major sports event, a visit to the theater or a concert, or a sorely needed sojourn to someplace exotic, is proving, somewhat elusive. Case in point, I did score tickets to the super-cool immersive Van Gogh exhibit; the hitch is that I have to wait until mid-July! I'll just have to settle for nature's magic, as all the flowers, trees and plants are coming to life—a pretty good show in itself. In the interim, a couple examples of spectacle—one, itself, that is colorful by nature; the other by RGB. Enjoy.

Jim Crockett, Editorial Director

Soaring to New Heights

The Port Authority of NY/NJ and Constellation Energy chose FSG to re-design the lights for the Oculus based on a plan by Bernie Erickson, and Mathle Leyes, both with New York-based lighting distributors FSG. Erickson's plan called for color-changing LED fixtures...


Light for the Palace of Radiant Happiness

Once an imposing residence of the royal family during the 14th Century, Seoul's Gyeongbokgung Palace is an architectural pagoda masterpiece. The monumental historical site and tourist attraction needed a lighting system to...


Cutting-Edge Optics

Markline 101 and Markcove 102 feature a small eldoLED driver specifically designed for the luminaires' 1.5-in aperture. Available with multiple mounting options including cable-suspended, adjustable center axis, adjustable side hinge...


Tivoli Lighting

An Uninterrupted Line Of Light

The LINElight series achieves a seamless connection between fixtures. The result is an uninterrupted line of light in multiple color temperatures, sizes, and patterns for interior aesthetic architectural lighting. With LINElight, desired lengths and direction are easily created with solder-free, quick-connect accessories. Magnetic mounting provides fast installation on metal surfaces or other surfaces using an optional clip. Its 1 Bin LED selection offers consistent color throughout the lighting system.


Landscape Forms


A looking glass to the sky. Typology ring lights are stunning, seemingly levitating light fixtures with illumination reminiscent of the sun's corona during an eclipse. Perched atop a steel mast, a circular strip of LEDs creates a solid ring of ambient light that is recognized instantly from almost a mile away. And when viewed from underneath, the luminaires are portals to the sky, pulling the gaze upward and accentuating a vertical urban landscape. Typology ring lights are striking pieces of industrial design by day, and by night, are enchanting and ethereal pieces of luminescent art.


ANP Lighting

Custom Designs and Modifications

Does your project need a custom design or special modification? ANP Lighting's team has over 100 years of combined experience designing and manufacturing lighting projects. Our in-house team of lighting engineers will work with you from initial design through final assembly to develop and create custom lighting solutions that complement the design aesthetics of any project.


Acclaim Lighting

Achieve Dynamic & Creative Looks

The Flex Tube Mini, from Acclaim Lighting, is developed for dynamic architectural lighting projects. Flex Tube Mini is a flexible, direct view, outdoor LED strip with a compact 0.4” x 0.4” profile in a wide range of color temperatures & colors. It provides a multitude of options for specifiers as it is available in 2200K, 2700K, 3000K, 35000K, 4000K, 5700K, red, green, blue, and amber for customized lighting applications.

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