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Musing While Awaiting a March Melt
As much of the nation has been blanketed with heavy snow this week, I’ve found myself staring out the window a great deal waiting to see if flurries will transform into full-blown blizzard conditions. The observation process has had me looking my neighbor’s roof quite a lot—normally a rather mundane experience, except now, given all the snow accumulating on it, as well as the steady volume of steam rising from the chimney, It’s put me in the mood of “Rooftops” by Gustave Caillebotte, a print in my house which I haven’t looked at in years, especially surprising, in that I’ve spent a lot of time staring at art, of late. as one way to deal with continued COVID captivity. So, until any of are free to get out, and pilgrimage to an art gallery or museum in person, here are a couple case studies and products that let art, at least, shine in its habitat.

Jim Crockett, Editorial Director

Gruuthuse Museum

At the Gruuthuse Museum, tapestries, stained glass windows, portraits, and artistic porcelain, tell the story of three periods in the city of Bruges, Belgium’s history...


Seeing Red at Ruby City

Designed by London-based Sir David Adjaye, based on a sketch from the client’s dream, the richly red Ruby City Art Center in San Antonio, a facility for contemporary art...


Line of LED

Ideal for modern offices, hotels, restaurants and retail environments, Lazer Line ½-inch wide aluminum tape from PureEdge Lighting creates a 3-dimensional appearance with...


Achieve Dynamic & Creative Looks

The Flex Tube Mini, from Acclaim Lighting, is developed for dynamic architectural lighting projects. Flex Tube Mini is a flexible, direct view, outdoor LED strip with a compact 0.4” x 0.4” profile in a wide range of color temperatures & colors. It provides a multitude of options for specifiers as it is available in 2200K, 2700K, 3000K, 35000K, 4000K, 5700K, red, green, blue, and amber for customized lighting applications.


Motive Lighting

Motive is a sophisticated family of lights that blurs the line between indoor and outdoor lighting. Motive celebrates the beauty of illumination and its interaction with architecture, objects, and space. The family includes area lights, a path light, a wall-mounted light, a pendant light, and a dramatic outdoor floor lamp. The neutral sculptural form addresses an array of applications for buildings, pathways, social spaces, and high-profile areas such as art installations and entrances.

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