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In Praise of Fidget-Spinning
Sometimes things just find you. Case in point, while watching a football game on a rare sunny afternoon, I was distracted by something shiny on my wife’s dresser. I can only describe it as a kind of a mini- set of brass knuckles that met a Swiss Army knife; “MGM resorts” was also burnished upon it. After playing with it, including spinning it around my finger repeatedly, I asked my wife what it was. She elucidated it was a device to touchlessly open doors and other things from her visit to Vegas, when my son, sort-of, eloped there in the Fall. Similarly, Vegas struck again, when a case study of the lighting control for Caesar’s Palace Forum Conference Center, popped in my inbox. Eureka! Newsletter inspiration. See the case study for yourself below, but throughout the space were a lot of great pendants. Here’s a few more.

Jim Crockett, Editorial Director

Founded on Flexibility

Pharos Goes All-in with World’s Largest Pillarless Ballroom on the Las Vegas strip continuing Sin City’s credo to build “bigger, bolder and brighter.”


Suspended Wave

Suspended Wave Rectangular and square shaped in convex and concave curvatures, Peerless introduces Venue suspended luminaires for open ceilings...


Another BIG Idea

Collaborating once again, Louis Poulsen and BIG Ideas present a new lamp series, the Keglen. Four distinctive pendants deliver their own diffusion of light...


Cylinder One HO

Cylinder One HO is the industry leader in size and performance. With a very high output and total aperture of less than 6”, it’s in a class all its own for long throw applications. It features an internal 100-277VAC power supply, onboard DMX+RDM driver, and each unit includes Acclaim’s Aria wireless DMX technology as a standard feature. Cylinder One offers several quick-change reflectors, as well as various mounting configurations including surface mount, 3/4’” NPS pendant mount, aircraft cable mount and wall mount configurations.


EQ Collection with New Catenary Mount

ANP Lighting adds more versatility to the EQ Collection with the NEW catenary mount! EQ Catenary utilizes ANP Lighting’s LED light guide technology for advanced visual comfort. The catenary mounting design allows you to span luminaires over outdoor areas, placing the lighting exactly where you need it. A locking, 30° tilt adjustment feature assures fixtures will be level. EQ catenary mount is ideal for streetscapes, courtyards and plazas. Available in 30-watt, 39-watt and 46-watt LED sources, Type II, III, IV and V distributions and 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K color temperatures.

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